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                    Armstrong Ceiling & Wall Solutions

                    Access product documentation for LEED, LBC, WELL, GreenGlobes, as well as Federal Standards

                    Sustainability Made Simple to Create Better Spaces

                    It's easy to find ceilings and walls that meet your sustainability criteria. Starting with our design, raw material selection, to how we make and deliver our ceiling and wall products; through reclaiming ceilings at the end of their useful life, sustainability is built into our thinking for all we do.

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                    Contact our Sustainability Expert

                    We invite you to connect with Anita Snader, our Sustainability Manager and our team of sustainability specialists, and discuss how we can help you design with healthy materials.

                    Our Pillars of Sustainability

                    Our GreenPrint centers us around the sustainability pillars important to our business and our stakeholders. It is our roadmap for a sustainable future.

                    Armstrong Ceiling Recycling Program

                    Recycle ceilings from your renovation projects with our closed-loop recycling program.

                    Diversion Cost-savings Calculator

                    Curious about ceiling recycling? Track diversion and recycling savings with our Recycling Savings Calculator then get started!

                    Environmental Impact Calculator

                    See our Portfolio of SUSTAIN High Performance Sustainable Ceiling Systems

                    SUSTAIN ceiling systems make finding and specifying high performance sustainable ceiling solutions fast and easy. Choose from a complete offering of mineral fiber, fiberglass, metal ceiling panels, TECTUM wall and ceiling panels, trims and transitions, and suspension and drywall systems. Just look for the SUSTAIN icon.